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Standing Discs

Circles are found all around us in Nature: Ripples through water from the rain above; ice circles of a river current in winter, and the blue holes of the Earth’s seas. In the heart of a daisy, the face of a sunflower, and the rings of a tree, circles are everywhere.

An Embodiment of Life.

Understanding this premise, Tribble Stone Co., Inc. is proud to introduce a new product made right here in our yard, directly from our stock of 250 million year old Permian Age sandstone: Sandstone Standing Discs.

Each piece is unique.

Machine cut, and then hand-finished to bring out the natural textures and lines within the stone, before being placed onto a sturdy stone or moss rock base. Based on the Neolithic jade bi discs of Ancient China, predating modern man, our Sandstone Standing Discs will bring tranquility to your home, garden and overall landscape. Available in various sizes, we are sure to have a Sandstone Standing Disc that will fit your needs, and bring years of joy to you, and yours.

Come by, and take a peek. Choose from Sandstone Standing Discs already made, or pick a stone, and we will have one made specifically for you.