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Tribble Stone Co. , INC.

Tribble Stone Co., Inc. Yard - Aerial View - Present Day

Tribble Stone Co. , INC.

Photo Credit: Matthew Jonas - Daily Camera - Boulder, CO

Jayne and Eric Tribble - Former Owners
Tribble Stone Co., Inc.

If you’ve ever taken a drive on the North Foothills Highway, also known as U.S. Highway 36, whether on your way to Estes Park, or on your way to Boulder, you’ve no doubt noticed Tribble Stone Co., Inc. on the East side of the road, at the base of Left Hand Canyon.

Tribble Stone Co., Inc. is one of Colorado’s largest suppliers of natural cut sandstone. The stone we fabricate today is more than 250 million years old, and has an endearing beauty that makes a powerful statement within your landscaping and building design. We ship both locally and across the country. Our stone is proudly displayed throughout the Front Range, from cladding on the sides of buildings, such as Colorado Christian University, to signage for places such as The Boulder Humane Society.

Resting on thirteen acres, this is the location Chuck and Letha Tribble originally chose for their home, and what would also become their company--Tribble Stone--back in 1947. What started as a true Mom-and-Pop from literally the ground up, Tribble Stone has grown into a multi-faceted company over the last 70 plus years.

In 1990, after growing up helping his parents in the business, Tribble Stone became Tribble Stone Co., Inc., owned by the Second Generation of Tribbles: Eric, the company’s former President and his former wife, Jayne, who was the company’s Secretary and Treasurer.

In April of 2022, after 32 years, Eric and Jayne decided to retire and Tribble Stone is now under new leadership in David Prieto. David is working closely with Eric and the rest of the Tribble Staff to ensure that customers still receive the same great product and customer service, for which Tribble Stone Co., Inc. has been known for seventy-five years.

Give us a call, and David or one of our sales associates will be happy to assist you with pricing, lead times, and any design questions you may have.

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