US Stone Industries

US Stone Industries stands as a premier provider of natural limestone, boasting multiple finish options on their thin veneer to suit diverse aesthetic preferences and project requirements.

At Tribble Stone, our inventory extends beyond veneers to encompass blocks and slabs, showcasing the raw beauty and inherent versatility of natural stone.

Featured US Stone Limestone

Tribble Stone stocks 3 featured types of Kansas Limestone: Cottonwood, Plaza Gray, and Flint Hills Gray. Please call or visit the stone yard for more information on custom orders.


Cottonwood Limestone

Tribble Stone Stocked Products:

Thin Veneer
Landscape Blocks
Building Blocks for custom cuts


Flint Hills Gray Limestone

Tribble Stone Stocked Products:

Thin Veneer
Building blocks for custom cuts


Plaza Gray Limestone

Tribble Stone Stocked Products:

Building blocks for custom cuts

US Stone Thin Veneer Follow this link to US Stone's Thin Veneer website

With an expansive palette comprising ten distinct colors sourced from eight exclusive quarries, US Stone's limestone veneer embodies unrivaled diversity and quality.

US Stone invites you to explore their two meticulously curated collections of thin veneer: the Classic Collection and the Contemporary Collection. Crafted with precision and artistry, these collections offer a spectrum of design possibilities, catering to both traditional and modern architectural sensibilities.


US Stone Limestone

Whether for structural elements or decorative accents, US Stone's limestone blocks and slabs epitomize elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.